Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work on NPCs has commenced

I've begun work on modeling and programming NPCs. The NPCs run on an alternate physics and AI engine, and I've finished that up today. By tomorrow I should have the first NPC model finished, but again, as the same with the environment graphics, I cannot texture anything completely until my new drawing tablet arrives via the post.

As you can see, Bow Wow is now in Mabe Village and wanders around while chained to post. The Village is really starting to seem more full. As I add more NPCs and little envinronmental details, the village starts to feel more and more like the real thing.



  1. wowawesome

    I hope that NPC is Marin D:

  2. I hope you put good effort into Marin. Also are you planing to make your own unique characters?

  3. can be cool if you get out some ideas from the manga storyline, the end is pretty cool, you may check it out

  4. Sorry, the NPC isn't Marin! It'll be easy for me to get her model done, and I will probably be modeling her next, but I've actually just finished the "little boy" NPC.

    I didn't know there was a Manga for Link's Awakening! O_o

    I won't be adding any of my own characters, but I will accentuate the personalities of the existing characters from the original game.

    Obviously, this game will have more side-quests and shops than the original, so I'll simply adapt the existing characters to fill those roles.

  5. yeah, thre´s actually a manga here is the link if you want to check it out:

    i like it, maybe you can get some more ideas out of it.


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