Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates April 12 - Link Version 2 and Beach Urchin Enemy

Happy Easter everyone! I spent most of the day celebrating Easter with friends and strangers and overcoming awkward social situations. With a few hours, I've updated Link to Version 2, which features a different 'neutral' look on his face and now has the stitches on his tunic. I've also completed the Beach Urchin Enemy. Honestly, I could not find the actual name or concept art for this enemy so I just winged it.

For anyone interested, the Beach Urchin will be appearing in more areas in Ballad of the Wind Fish, and will actually have an attack!!! When provoked, they will roll rapidly and charge at Link. a trust Shield will keep Link standing, of course! (A Guardian Acorn will even deflect them, but why waste the Acorn??? The game starts with a max capacity of 5 guardian acorns, and you must find upgrades to capacity throughout the game.)

Feel free to leave some comments and let everyone know what you think!

Cheers everyone!!


  1. Well the Urchin is perfect...I'm not personally a fan of Links face but i'ts not like we will be seeing it most of the time right?

    Also since you are using game maker will this game if/when this is released will be be on PC?

  2. Do you need any help develping the game? How many people are working on this?

  3. Good project dude the last time that i got so happy by just looking to the pictures was when zelda OOT 2d was in progress and link looked a little more cool because of the undershirt but i dont know would need to compare a 3d photo of the link in the 2d version to see

    Awesome job

  4. Dude, pretty neat indeed

    I download the leaked demo version and i must say it plays pretty sweet.

    Shame i couldn't test more of what is to be offered, but still, i'd love to rerun this game in 3D

    Lets hope that Nintendo comes to like this idea.

  5. The game looks great :).

    You should post your game on Zelda Fan Game Central:

    We're the Zelda fan gaming community :). We'd love to keep progress with you.

  6. To answer a few questions, I'm working on this project alone. Why? I find it fun, challenging, and an excellent learning experience. What happens if I form a team? It will no longer be fun. It becomes a requirement to continue working.

    It's only 3 weeks into the project at the moment, so basically nothing is final. Everything is WIP and will undergo fine tuning, adjustment, and major changes.

    Thanks everyone!

    Let's just ignore the shadow of Nintendo for a while and enjoy the project while we have it!

  7. Oh, yeah, I will be releasing a public debug alpha demo within the week.

    The game uses keyboard and joypads, and will also feature Wiimote support if you have a bluetooth dongle or support on your computer. Wii!!

  8. This game is looking perfect! Everything I could imagine is incorporated into this game.

    The only question I have is that the guardian acorns so far looks like it will overpower you in the game, as it blocks magic damage, reduces damage received, aaand can be used at least five times even if its capacity isn't upgraded. Will there be a way to counter-balance it?

  9. The Guardian Acorn only works for a few seconds and only covers a small area. If Link leaves that area, it no longer protects him.

    Thanks a lot of for the comments!


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