Friday, April 17, 2009

April 19 : Fishy Updates 3

Howdy all. It's been a long, busy work week.

Today has been a frustrating day as I fine tuned the game physics, primarily making the hookshot physics as reliable as possible. A few days off from work this week will give me some time to tidy up some game maps and get a small demo ready for release.

I've been working on more animations for Link, refining swimming physics, and I'm currently adding Link's climbing animations so he can move up and down ladders and vines and such. The environments will require a few days or adjusting, fine tuning, and further texture mapping. Also, I need the camera to be as sexy as possible. Ohyeah, random info if anyone wants to collect tidbits, when Link jumps into the water after obtain the flippers, he will equip them and wear them while in water.

Oh yes, I've revamped Link's walking and running animations after carefully studying Link in Twilight Princess. Wind Fish Link's movements now very closely resemble his Wii-counterpart. I've also increased Link's moving speed so the game feels much smoother, and handles very much like WW and TP, and less like Resident Evil 1.

In the screenshot above, we see Link swimming and climbing. Yes, he can now climb in the same manner as Link from TP. For a test, I had him climbing houses, just like in real life.

I have yet to program diving and the Bow Wow anchor, but we can expect that soon.

Cheers, thanks for checking in!


  1. is an 'A Link To The Past' remake?

  2. no its a links awakening remake. Alltp remake would be cool to though. But the way this maker is handling the project this remake seems really enhanced over the original. Almost like a whole new game.

  3. Nintendo will probably do an ALttP within 5 or so years, so there isn't really a point in doing that game.

  4. I've read rumors that Nintendo is interested in a LttP remake, which would be insanely cool. I'm not calling this game "Link's Awakening Remake", "Link's Reawakening" or "Link's Awakening 3D" for the fact that the game will be different. This remake is based on the idea of "What would Link's Awakening have been if Nintendo made it as a modern 3D game, and not a handheld game from the early 90s".

    As such, it will play very differently, but the overworld, maps, dungeons, items and characters are based on the original.

    Think realistically : a 2D game does not just 'translate' into a fully 3D world. There's far more dimensionality, and if the designer does not make intelligent design decisions, you're basically just playing a bastardized 2D game.


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