Monday, June 29, 2009

Evolution of Zelda - A Look Back and a Look Forward

Do you ever look back to see just how much The Legend of Zelda has grown over the years? Much like the transition of young, adorable Link of Ocarina of time into the valiant hero that strikes down the darkness covering the land of Hyrule, The Legend of Zelda series has become just that, a Legend in itself.

After the harrowing events of A Link To the Past, players were gracefully introduced into the future of Zelda; a fully 3-Dimensional, engrossing adventure that revolutionized action adventure genre, changing the way gamers play.

As seen above, The Wind Waker broke all boundaries of Zelda by presenting a fresh, brilliant visual style, allowing Zelda to appeal to a whole new audience and a new generation. Following the wishes of fans across the world, Twilight Princess presents an impressive, realistic world on the brink of total despair. Over 20 years later, the legend carries on, and a daring return to the past allows dedicated fans to relive an adventure larger than life.

Smashing all expectations, Ballad of the Wind Fish aims to retell the story of Link's Awakening, using an all new visual style. Blending old and new, Wind Fish drops players on mysterious Koholint Island, newly presented in 3 glorious dimensions. The return of Koholint's characters and Link's unique items of Legend, along with The Siren's Instruments should harken players back to this familiar world, while warmly welcoming new visitors.

Months after development, lone game-designer Jerrel Dulay has released a playable alpha-demo for curious players to take the work-in-progress for a test run. Innovative new ideas are introduced with the revolutionary gameplay style, and icons of old have returned with whole new functions. While many changes have been made to the original formula, the story and land of Koholint remains faithful.

  • Explore familiar areas of Koholint Island.
  • Make new use of weapons and tools of legend.
  • Experience enhanced rearrangements of original soundtrack.
  • Relive the adventure.
As an independant, lone developer, Dulay is only able to work on the project casually, operating around a busy work schedule, but rest assured, the adventure has and always will live on.

Stay Tuned!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Never Fear, Project is Still Alive

tHowdy do folks.

From the bottom of my Goron heart, I apologize for not posting updates for the past few weeks/months.

Please don't fear, the project is most definitely not canceled.

As I've stated before, my time has been completely occupied by school finals. Exams and final projects have been knocking the little red hearts out of me, and I have had absolutely no time to work on any of my projects.

I will be posting more updates to the project soon, as this semester comes to an end and I have more time to work on my games.

Don't bust out the ocarina and play yourself a sad song of storms just yet. I will be continuing work on the project within the next few weeks, and we can expect to see more gameplay areas.

Thanks for sticking around and being patient!