Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moving On

Hey everyone!

I see a pattern emerging. Every new post I make seems to be an apology of some sort. Following that, I sincerely apologize for ceasing the updates, posts, and making any progress on this project.

I'd love nothing more than to continue working on this project and share it with you guys. You all have been great supporters and I sincerely appreciate that! However, running my small business and working in the photography industry has become a full time job for me. I develop educational software and games, teach, advertise for technology and photo-imaging, and am writing a series of Zombie/Thriller/Drama books.

Earlier this year, I built an intense Video Game Design Portfolio and applied to various gaming development companies. The results? The hiring agencies were too stupid to understand the positions I was applying for and told me I was shit. This was extremely disheartening for me as a game developer. I said to myself, screw trying to get hired. I'm going to run my own damn company!

Over the past year, I've been unable to work on the Ballad of The Wind Fish project for the sole fact that it can not, and never will make me any money. Am I all about money? No, of course not. But I need money to survive. Fan support doesn't pay for the house!

So here's the deal. I'm considering releasing the source code of this project to the general public. That's right: every resource, every 3D, texture, animation file, every programming script... I might just release it to the public. I'd love to work on this project again when my contract jobs slow down and I have heaps of free time. This won't be happening any time soon.

That being said, I might work on this project again and add more to it, but in the future. Definitely not right now. Thanks for being great supporters. Again, I appreciate all the offers for help and for building a team to work on this, but it wouldn't be fair if I could not sustain the project as a full-time project manager.

If you need to contact me personally, or are even remotely interested in me releasing the source files to the project, let me know. My email address is

Again, I'm sorry, but careers come before childhood fantasies!

Best wishes to you guys