Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grand Opening

Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

This is the official Blogspot for The Legend of Zelda - Ballad of The Wind Fish fan-game project.

This game is neither supported nor endorsed by Nintendo, and all resources except for the game soundtrack are completely original.

This project hopes to recreate the 3D Zelda gaming engine and environment while retelling the story of Link's Awakening for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color. This "3D-Remake" will feature all content from the original Link's Awakening while incorporating new gameplay features and concepts to create a fuller, more involved adventure.

The only new item being added to the game is the new Ocean Rod, which can be used as a magic weapon, or in conjunction with the Roc's Feather to vault Link high into the air. Objects and tools that existed in the original Link's Awakening, such as Bow Wow, Guardian Acorns, and the magic flying Cuckoo have been incorporated as inventory items.

To fully incoporate Link's Awakening's feature to combine certain items, Ballad of The Wind Fish allows players to combine more items together to create more uses and functions. For example, the Powder and Boomerang can be used together to create a magic Boomerang attack, and the old Bomb and Arrow missile trick is now an actual game tactic.

The artistic direction hopes to mix the original sprite based charm with Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker detail and grandeur, all the while creating a unique, drawing with colored-pencil like look.

Please stay tuned for updates, and thanks for checking in!


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