Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surprise Update April 15 - Lost Woods and Tail Cave News

Hi everyone, thanks a lot for helping me out and trying to get rid of this Unauthorized Leak Video. It irritates me to NO END that this user and the website are both totally unresponsive to my messages. Every message and report you guys send helps in the effort to try and keep this project just a bit more under the radar, a bit less illegal and ALIVE.

Despite being out all day, I did manage to get quite a bit of work done while traveling on the train. Updates are as follows:

*Link's Water Treading and Swimming Animations are Complete.
*Lost Woods has been completely redrawn and the maps have been designed.
*Tail Cave has been redrawn and the maps are 80% complete. Please read below for Tail Cave Details.

Before you scold me for uttering blasphemy due to my ideas of creating themes and expanding on the personalities of the dungeons, keep in mind: 1) This is just a fan game, not even a real Zelda, and 2)I'm developing this project as a 'What would the game have been like if Nintendo made it as a modern game and not an early 90s handheld game?' type of idea.

Tail Cave
Tail Cave appears to be an ancient, underground Template, long since abandoned. Time has eroded the once pristine sandstone walls and tiles, leaving behind a broken, crumbling ruin covered in soil and foliage. The environment crumbles into what the name describes the location as : a Cave. The Tail Cave will seem much larger due to platforming and height level variations, and certain 'empty' rooms will be redesigned for length and purpose. The overall structure and purpose of the dungeon, however does remain very accurate. The graphical theme of the Tail Cave will have a disarmingly royal environment at times, and eerily broken and abandoned in other places.

The Tail Cave will also face some pacing adjustments, so you will not end up sprinting through it in 5 minutes. I'm looking at a Deku-Tree length experience, or something similar, but definitely not the Forest Temple from TP. That dungeon lasts like 40 hours and is about as an enjoyable as a hole in the head.

The next few days I will continue to work on Mabe Beach and Tail Valley (a small, added transition area leading to the Tail Cave,) but I've decided to hold back the demo a few days so I can build the first few rooms of the Tail Cave. I'm itching to get the environment together and I'm sure everyone wants to see what the dungeons will be like in this game, so please be patient with me and wait just a few more extra days.

Thanks for checking in and offering support!

Cheers everyone,


  1. Sounds exciting!
    I have no idea how you manage to work so fast.

    I think it is great that you add your personality into the game, not only copying Nintendo's work.

    And good - don't make the temple like Forest Temple!

  2. I think your idea for the temple is awesome. It sounds like you've stayed true to the original design, but added fresh new ideas as well, which will be good since people wont be able to complete it in like 10 min.

  3. Just don't change around the game too much. I don't like the idea of there being too many new areas.

    And I think the Cuckoo Balloon ruins the fun of having that blue cuckoo exclusively help you up Tal Tal Mountain, but it's your design choice.


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