Saturday, April 11, 2009

Game Information

Curious to know what Ballad of The Windfish is all about? How will it differ from the original Link's Awakening? How will it differ from Zelda games? Read on.

*Two side items can be equiped at a time, and the sword and shield are always equiped.

*Pegasus Boots and Power Bracelet no longer take up a slot in the inventory and are activated by game commands.

*The Siren Instruments are now equipped as items, and have functions similar to the songs in Ocarina of time. The instruments are used to access new areas, advancing story, solve puzzles, and unlock hidden items, heart pieces, and item upgrades. For example, the Lily's Bell (which has already been featured in previous private Beta releases), can activate special blocks, platforms, and doors, which would otherwise be immovable. These blocks can help Link reach new areas and solve puzzles.

*Item combination will play a roll in gameplay. Combinations such as Bombs and Arrows, Fire Rod and Arrows, Ocean Rod and Arrows and others will be integral to solving puzzles, progressing, and obtaining hidden heart pieces and magic containers.

*The Guardian Acorns existed in the original game, but only as a random pickup, lasting temporarily. The Guardian Acorns in this game are thrown like a Deku Nut and create a temporary barrier which halves the damage which Link receives, and also deflects magic attacks.

*The Cuckoo Balloons function similarly to when Link obtains that blue Cuckoo to fly around areas, and operate like Cuckoos in OoT, in terms of aerial gliding. The Ocean Rod can cause objects to spin, be used as a weapon while underwater, and launch Link high into the air when he jumps (allowing him to reach new areas).

*Bow Wow is now an inventory item. When Link 'uses' the item, he throws Bow Wow out onto the field. Pressing the item button for Bow Wow will cause him to charge in the direction that Link is facing. He will attack whenever Link swings his sword. This gameplay mechanic will be useful for enemies who cannot be attacked from the front, as Link can set Bow Wow down onto the ground and have him attract the enemy's attention wile he runs around and attacks from behind.

*Link will be able to swim in water right from the start of the game, but will not be able to dive until he obtains the flippers. Using Bow Wow in water will allow Link to sink to the bottom and swim around as far as Bow Wow's chain lets Link swim. The Blue Tunic will allow Link to breath under water. Using Bow Wow as an underwater anchor will be required for certain boss fights and puzzles. The Ocean Rod gains a sword-like function underwater.

*To use the shovel, the player holds down the item button, and Link will stab the shovel into the ground, holding him in place. By releasing the button, Link can dig up items. However, if a powerful wind were to push Link off a ledge, or a powerful enemy attack were to knock Link off a platform, Link could use the shovel to ground himself and stop from falling. The shovel can also be used to uncover hidden switches and underground caverns hiding items!

*There will be alternate swords and shields available to Link throughout the game. Similar to the Giant's Knife and Biggoron Sword in Ocarina of Time, these alternate swords and shield are stored in the inventory and can be swapped over at any time. There are 3 different alternate swords to obtain, but only one can be carried at a time. Each sword possesses a unique trait and enhanced combat mechanic. The alternate Shield will be kept a secret, but I will say that the alternate shield will be more offensive than defense and allow Link to perform a special attack while using the pegasus boots.

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