Saturday, April 26, 2014

Never Before Released Alpha 002 Build Now Available For Download.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for showing your interest and support for this project, everyone. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Ballad of The Wind Fish this month, I'm releasing a previously unreleased build of the game. Seriously, no one has seen this build, and I haven't seen in a long time either! I'll be revealing some new, never before revealed details and images over the next week, so stick around. This project is officially retired, but I think we all had a fun time while it was active. Thanks everyone!

Download Here

All the best,
Jerrel Dulay

*******************The following details pertain to the Alpha 001 build of the game, and may longer be relevant to the latest build

(If your computer will not run the game properly such as not responding to controls accurately, use the Low Process Mode download, which runs a little slower due to using less processing power but should work on any PC with half a graphic card.)

PLEASE NOTE This project is only a month and a half old and I have not been working on it every day. There are countless errors and missing content, so roll with the punches with me on this. It's just a preview demo to let you guys know what the game will be like. This is an alpha release and more of a tech demo than anything else. Everything in the game is WIP and subject to a LOT of change before the final release.
Obviously, this project takes ton of work, and I only have so much time to work on it. I'm well aware of all errors and issues. Trust me, if I had the time to fix everything straight away, the game would be finished by now.
For Controls and debugging notes, press the F1 button.
Also, not noted in the Controls is the 'Careful' button. By holding the CTRL button when walking or aiming a weapon, it is possible to control movement more accurately.
I also forgot to mention that the Hookshot can snag onto Wooden Crates.
Other Notes
*This current build actually kicks your computer into 16-bit mode to ensure that weaker PCs can run at optimal speeds, so this build does not actually look as good as it is supposed to. The game normally runs in 32bit, and the option to run the game in different modes will be implemented with a later release.
*You can actually 'climb' Ulrira's House in this game build to test the ladder/vine climbing animation and physics.
Items (with functionality)BombBow /ArrowBoomerangMagic PowderCuckoo BalloonShieldSwordHookshotRoc's FeatherOcean Rod
Combination EffectsBomb + BowMagic Powder + BoomerangOcean Rod + Roc's Feather
Missing / Incomplete ItemsFire RodBowWowOcarinaBottlesGuardian AcornSiren Instruments
Map Areas (Obviously, all areas are unfinished and still being developed)Mabe VillageLibrary Path to Mabe BeachMabe Beach
EnemiesOctorokSea UrchinLeever (animation incomplete)
Other ModulesReading SignsUsing Game Menu to switch itemsTalking to NPCsPicking up ItemsSwimmingClimbingLedge Grabbing
Areas are missing textures and models and structure are still being adjusted and refined.
Game Build Issues
If you get the error message :
"Failed to copy an animation from the model "resources/anm/npc/human_stand1.an8" to the model "resources/anm/npc/model_npc_boy1.an8". The source model has 0 bones, but the destination model has 26 bones. This is not allowed. Please make sure, that the skeletons of both models are identical and try again."
Just hit OK and continue playing. It shouldn't affect gameplay. Because I am unable to make the error occur on my PC, it will take some time to repair, and beside that, the message should be physically impossible to generate.
* Quite obviously, the game script and game events are not implemented yet.*Title screen and Enter Name / Load game screen is not implemented yet.* The Camera is still not 100% smooth and perfect. It will take hours of testing and adjusting to get it just right, so it is a long and tedious process.* Optimizations are still unfinished, so on older or weaker machines, a slight FPS drop may occur.* Due to adjustments to physics, Link may phase or stick to certain objects when jumping or rolling.* There is an animation glitch that occurs if Link is attacked while performing certain actions. He may get locked into his animation until he is hit again. This will take a while to repair this so it may not be fixed before the release of this game build.* The orientation variables for picking up certain items (such as rocks) has not been adjusted, so Link will hold them in a very strange manner.* Animations are still not complete, some are not implemented yet including 'connecting' animations and T-target-while-using-a-certain-weapon.* Textures are not finished in many areas.* Certain Game Maps require adjusting texture maps and retexturing.* Using Bow with Bomb sometimes ignores the Bow-use button.* Link can walk off the maps where the other game areas are not implemented.* The Hookshot physics is not yet 100% perfect.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking to Hire for Commercial Game Dev Team

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a very long time since I've paid any attention to this project. I know I've said many things like I would release the source code, and I was rebuilding the engine.

I can no longer work on this particular project as I have since started and am managing a Game Development company based in Sydney, Australia.

If anyone is looking for positions in Game Development, please do feel free to contact me. I am looking for artists and developers with a few years of experience, are able to work in a team, and ideally based in Sydney. We have weekly meetings and work through remote desktops.

The positions I am currently looking to fill are:

3D Modeler for environments, props
3D Character Modeler / Animator
2D Artist for game art
2D Artist for game interface

We are currently developing cross platform commercial games that launch on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac. Our games focus on fun, playability, innovation, and are inspired by retro gaming history.

Our current project is an innovative 2.5D Side Scroller to be published on mobile devices. Future projects include animal/monster breeding/raising/battling, survival horror, 3D action adventure, console style RPG, and many more.

We are looking for reliable, creative artists who enjoy working in a fun-loving, dedicated team. This position will be long term, involving participation in many commercial products.

If you are interested and have a resume, portfolio, or examples of your work, please email me at . Again, I prefer to hire Sydney based artists.

Thank you,
Jerrel Dulay

Source Code to be Released Soon


thanks for visiting and supporting this project. As it has long been established, this project has been indefinitely suspended. I will most likely never have time to work on this project again. As such, I would like to be fair and make the source code for this project available. The reason I have yet to post it is that Game Maker, while fantastic for 2D game development, is fatally crippling when it comes to developing 3D games.

I don't want to make people frustrated and distraught trying to make an advanced 3D game work on Game Maker. However, I feel there is exceptional amount of educational content within the code I wrote for this project.

I will spend the next week trying to tidy the project files up and officially make them open source. Indie developers may use the source files for any non-commercial purposes. Consider this my contribution to the 25th Zelda Anniversary.

Jerrel Dulay