Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update April 14 : Mabe Beach Has Been Modeled! W00t!

Last minute update, I've finished modeling Mabe Beach, yarr! I will have to make quite a few adjustments and fine tunings to the terrain, but for the most part, the terrain is complete! A few hours of level building, planting enemies, trees and seashells here and there and I will post some new screens, and perhaps a new video as well. After I've polished up the Leever AI and the 3 maps that the game current consists of, I will be posting a new public Alpha Demo.

Greetings and salutations. The updates today are pretty tame. No new items or bad guys, but I've added slashing effects to most of Link's attacks, again, aiming for that cartoonish, hand drawn look. I've been doing adjustments to graphics, building Mabe Village further, and the past few hours has found me modeling Mabe Beach.

I think for anyone familiar with the game, they might find themselves a little confused, as I've redrawn the beach to look and feel like an actual beach, and not just a flat, horizontal strip of tiles representing sand which meet more tiles, representing the ocean. A little bit of exploring might assure you that the new Mabe Beach map actually is based off the original.

Well, have a warm drink and kick your feet up. It should about two or three days before the map could be considered playable, but the textures and graphics should all be there, and we will get to have Link swimming. On that note, I'll have to spend a few hours on Link's swimming animations, which will be familiar to his existing, physically impossible because I've tried it in real life and it didn't work, swimming style. Yay for swimming.

Cheers Everyone,

Ohyeah, I posted the comparator image of all the Links just for fun! The best part about our Ballad of the Wind Fish Link is that we can make graphical adjustments to him. The other Links, not so much.


  1. You should post some videos, its not fun see these effects on a screen =[

  2. Hello, this is MithosKuu from the other 3D Link's Awakening remake, just wanted to wish you luck, I can't wait to see the final result!

  3. It's getting more and more beautiful!

  4. Hi Jerrel,

    Your project looks better and better !

    Do you need help for the music ? if you need, you can ask to my brother, he's a good musician, and currently looking for a game project.

    You can hear some song here : http://www.myspace.com/byondmusic

    And here is his game's music MySpace, you can hear 2 remix, one of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the other from.......... Link's Awakening (Mt Tarmanach) !


    Hope to see new screen soon !!!

    Thanks you for this project ! I'm already loving it !

  5. Looking good. Also, I personally love the art style on here. It's really unique, in a good way. I wish they'd use a similar style on a real Zelda game. BTW, great job.


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