Monday, April 20, 2009

Mabe Beach, and Grim Future for Project

Hi everyone. Mabe Beach is up, but as you can tell from the screenshot, obviously, the texturing is not completed. I thought you find folks would like to see how the progress is coming alone. My drawing tablet has broken, as I stated a few days ago, so texturing models will have to wait until my new tablet arrives in another week or so. Yes. I know. Lame to the max.

Also, I have some grim news concerning the future of this project. This project is on the edge of termination. I am very strongly considering dropping it indefinitely and continuing to work on my original games. Why, you ask? There are inconsiderate, egotistical internet users who find it fitting and acceptable to ignore my repeated, polite and explicit requests to remove leaked videos and information about this project. As such, the Wind Fish has far more negative reputation than positive, and on top of that, many videos and articles are completely lacking accreditation to me as the author, and some are even crediting other people.

Why should it matter to me, you ask? Because I'm working on this project for FUN. The issues stated above take a LOT of the fun out of this project for me. I will have just as much fun, if not more, working on my own, original games, which no one will care about anyway because they re not Zelda remakes, so I won't have to fear the threat of leaks.

Thankfully, one of the major video leaks, which has resulted in the majority of negative press, has FINALLY been removed from the gametrailers website, but not before spreading and causing splash damage. Thanks to everyone who helped me get this video removed from the gametrailers website.

I appreciate everyone's support, and thanks so much for checking in. A new alpha demo will be released within the week. Obviously there will be tons of missing content and a few glitches, which is to be expected.



  1. Well that sucks '~'
    But considering how good this project is looking, maybe Ill look into some of your other projects if this does end up getting canned.

  2. I hope you do continue the project. I'd really love to see what comes of this. And look at it this way: negative publicity makes the game that much less likely to be shut down by Nintendo. Why would they bother to shut down a game that supposedly isn't good? We all know the truth, right?

    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, "Keep going, Jerrel!" No matter what the other people say, you're doing a great job!

  3. TO ARMS!
    No seriously, this is an amazing undertaking, I'm as giddy as I was when I was 10 years old waiting to play OoT for this game your working on here.
    It would be an honest shame to see this work go down because of inconsiderate people over the internet who can't respect people's words and work.

  4. It's a shame that people, who want to play the game so badly, have to ruin the fun by leaking videos of it all over the internet. Don't they realize no good can come of that?

  5. I've seen many awesome projects go down... I'd hate to see this one go... I don't think Nintendo will nuke it, but the stupid people online are just that... Ignorant people that'd never say it to your face. You get alot of them (especially on IRC).

    which brings up an idea.. You *could* have an IRC channel, I know two good servers, (one I actually own a server in) to talk live with your real fans, and possible spark some more fun in the project.

  6. Possibly*

    You can drop in my site and leave me a message if you're interested.

  7. The reason why you're getting negative press is because it's only an alpha build, and people are too stupid to realize that.

    Once your graphics are top notch and your textures are up to date, people who judge things based off of the graphics won't comment anymore.

    so, tl;dr, please dont stop

  8. I'm with RDX. Those of us who have programming experience know the difference in an alpha build and the final thing. Those idiots probably couldn't even tell you what instance_create means. (I'm using a GML reference because, well... duh. It's being done with Game Maker) You have our full support Jerrel. I'm sure you've started to notice a pattern in who's leaving you comments. The real fans.

    Also, Masterlink's idea isn't bad. An IRC channel would show you who the real fans are. It's something to consider.

  9. There are ways around the unaccredited, leaked videos/pics. Try embedding a watermark into any pic/video you publish, for one. But I'm with everyone else, this project is to good to be abandoned

  10. I really hope that you do continue this project. I have been visiting your site often since I found it and am really intereted in what goes into making a video game.


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