Friday, April 17, 2009

Very First Dungeon WIP Screenshots AND Fire Rod Test!!

Bon jower everyone!
Here are the VERY FIRST screenshots for Tail Cave dungeon in Ballad of The Wind Fish. Please note that the room is unfinished and most textures are incomplete. My drawing tablet has broken and I am awaiting delivery of a replacement. Also, I was working on the textures for the walls this evening when my computer crashed for no reason and corrupted the image file I was working on. I didn't feel like redoing everything just now, as I spent over an hour drawing JUST the one batch of vines. Note that I will need to draw up many variations of vines to keep the environment interesting.

For a bit of commentary, the dungeon, so far, is turning out how I expected it to. I still have yet to texture everything in the room, and I want to have moss all over the walls and floor and columns to give it an aged, abandoned look. Yes, I do realize, the dungeon is quite dark, but as an artistic decision, I feel that it offers a strong contrast to the overworld, which is bright, colorful and inviting. I want the dungeons to feel distinctly different and make strong use of lighting, since the overworld uses global lighting and minimal shading.

I have had a few people wondering what dungeons were going to look like in this game, so here is your answer. Feel free to post comments and questions concerning the dungeon style or anything else!

This is a test render of the Fire Rod. This isn't the final texture but I figured I'd post the Fire Rod Model for anyone curious about it. since I've been talking up the Ocean Rod like sliced bread, some people were under the impression that I had replaced the Fire Rod. Not to worry!



  1. WOW! Absolutely amazing what you are doing! These new screen shots look incredible! It'll be eagerly awaiting the next update!

  2. Wow you're on a roll. Don't get burnt out.
    I'm a CAD dude igf you want help with 3D objects.

  3. I think this game will be a dignified successor of Zelda : link's awakening. It looks amazing, I'm trully impressed about your work so I'm going
    to follow your work with attention. Courage Jerrel.
    Ps: I'm sorry if I made some mistakes but I'm french 8)

    Th3 P14F

  4. Great Work. This is one of the best home brew games I've seen for a long time. It looks great, from both the photos and video (even though it wasn't supposed to be made), and you seem to be working real hard on the project, even as a single man, and you're still going faster than the SSB Rumble team (which was a team of multiple people, mostly teenagers). Very impressive. To bad Nintendo isn't as open to independent developing as Sony and M$ is. This would be a great game to see on Wii Ware.

  5. gogo! and if ya need model help i know 3ds max and beta beta beta!

  6. Wickedly impressive. If Nintendo does try to shut you down, make a few changes to the character model and keep going. Hard to believe that GameMaker can do something which looks on par with N64 now. I used to barely be able to do any 3D! I really hope that this works out.

  7. Just for the record, the polycount and texture resolution in this game completely surpass ANY N64 game by far.

  8. Yeah, this game is more PS2 like than N64.


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