Monday, October 12, 2009

Study, Study, Study!

Hello everyone!

I've been studying a few different games lately, trying to understand how developers are doing 3D graphics and what not. After all, I myself am not a commercial console game developer by any stretch of the imagination, so my experience with making things real purdy is limited.

Images below depict Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the New World for the Nintendo Wii. The game itself is quite pleasing to look at, and I've been studying the graphics, figuring out a way to duplicate the graphic quality and style. I have yet to decide to suspend the Ballad of the Wind Fish project for the reason that the project itself is still very useful to me as a developing game designer. Ballad of the Windfish allows to develop and refine new gaming/graphic technologies, techniques and engines.

Okay, so I've really been taken with the graphical style of ToS:DoTNW. Hopefully I can develop graphical skill to match commercial quality games. Also, on a somewhat related note, I've been studying Resident Evil 4 character models to better understand how developers make lolawesome models. I've come to the conclusion that the character models are developed using Awesome Sauce.

Hopefully BoTWF can look something like dat! ^


  1. For the Tales games (and several first party Nintendo games) the eyes and mouths aren't actually modeled, they use a flat plane with an eye or mouth sprite, saves on poly counts and makes good looking 'anime style' eyes. Same with hair, lots of flat planes with transparent textures. I recommend checking out the polycount forums for lots of examples of great modeling and texturing techniques.

  2. No!!!!!! it's not good to even consider suspending the game, you're doing a great job as it is, i know it will take a while but don't think about just dropping the game, it's too good for that :)

  3. Wow, i was actually getting ready to ask you for some tips to make simple 3d shapes look smooth together, using illusions and such. I might wait now, until my engine is almost done, so you should have plenty of time to study before i ask.

    The game looks pretty good already, but it is too bright and cheery looking, even more so than the Wind Waker.

  4. Hey, MithosKuu! How are ya? Thanks a lot for the tips!


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