Sunday, October 25, 2009

Growing, Learning!

Hello folks!
Sorry for the lack of new screenshots. Work and classes has been hectic and I'm really hoping to leave my current casual job for something else... Just to post a few little details here, I've got some (gradually) great news!! Working on my little projects, I've been developing new animating and programming techniques, as well as designing better, more efficient physics engines and overall better game engines!! My work on the Resident Evil side project has allowed me to really get a feel for developing a stronger, more solid combat system.

What does this mean? It means I've been trying to improve myself more and more as a game developer. Am I any better than I was when I first started the Ballad of the Wind Fish project? Yes. Is it a big difference. Yes.

Anyway, I'll be spending what little downtime I have daydreaming about working for big video game companies, making awesome sequels to my favorite childhood games (Breath of Fire, Link's Awakening... har har har)... I'm really trying to develop new techniques to get that anime-style of 3D modeling for characters, and I'm really striving to get better and faster at character modeling and texturing. Since I've been studying Capcom's style of 3D character modeling and texturing, one might be able to say I've 'megamaned' some of their technique. I've been improving immensely with 3D modeling the past few weeks.

In the near future, I may be developing 3D models of the 8 heroes from the Breath of Fire game from the SNES. Why? Breath of Fire, hands down, is my most favorite game in the whole world, and it is the single game that inspired me to start develop games. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of making games like Breath of Fire... I'm hoping to develop the 3D models as an exercise to develop that commercial-quality, anime-like character model style. If I can master that a little further, I'll really know what I want to get out of Ballad of the Wind Fish.

I'm going to spend a few days developing a base traditional RPG engine; something solid, open ended, and can be used to create unique, good looking 3D RPGs without much difficult. I might even make this a "3D RPG maker"! Hahahaha. I'm also considering coding a 3D fighting game engine as well, which I might even release as a "3D Fighter Maker" for people to use. All good fun. There's so many possibilities! So little time!

I've also been improving my skills with HUDs and inventory menu interfaces...

So please bear with me, since the Ballad of the Wind Fish was simply a learning exercise to begin with anyway. I'm not yet a real pro game developer, but I'm trying to get there.


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  1. Im glad one of us is improving...



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