Friday, October 30, 2009

Engine Improvements

Ahoy there mateys!

Here's some behind the scene news, and it's quite good news indeed!

  • 3D collisions between player and enemy objects is now glitch free. Player and enemies no longer push each other through walls.
  • Enhanced attack-combo system. Fine-tuned battle engine allows multiple attack zones to be generated with a single attack at different times. This makes room for more complex attacks.
  • Enhanced model-to-player attaching. There are no longer any glitches that cause equipped weapons and other model parts to become out-of-sync with the character model's frames of animation.
  • Glitchless smooth transition in and out of Z target animations during and after attacks. Transition animations are now seamless and without glitches.
Woot? Also, on an unrelated note, I may be trying me hand at applying for jobs in game development companies in Australia... I'm also hoping to become involved with the independent game developers of Australia using my own original games in an exhibitions in an attempt to get noticed and hired by companies. Please forgive me if I don't work on Ballad of the Wind Fish for a while. Fan-games can not aid me in my career. If I can get a few of my original games out there, I may get that chance to make commercial games in the near future. Thanks for sticking around!



  1. At this point all I wanna see are the tunics D:

    You can quit the game if you want (and at least i won't mind), but I need to see those badass tunics :P

  2. Hahaha, well then I'll get to it. Like I said, I've been trying to build up my portfolio to start applying to jobs... I'll finish the tunics and extra swords/shields as soon as I can, probably after work tomorrow.


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