Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Steps, But Steps Nonetheless

G'day folks! Thanks for hanging in there. This week I'll be posting new screenshots of the alter Tunics as well as Swords and Shield(s).

Again, I can't express enough how grateful and humbled I am by the support of everyone who has posted on this site.

I'm currently working on develop educational programs people with disabilities and computer games for and for the blind. I enjoy making games, and having a chance to help out a part of society that doesn't normally get to participate in the entertainment that everyone else gets to is an opportunity I don't want to miss.

I know this is extremely random and unrelated, but if you know someone who is blind who would like to play adventure or exploration computer games that only requiring hearing, then keep an eye out here at the blog. Who knows? I might write an audio based Zelda game for the visually impared! Of course we'll need Navi back to help guide our blind hero.

The realization came to me the other day that the featured demo here at the blog is only of a build a month and a half into development. How sad is that!? I wonder when the next demo will come out!

Thanks everyone!



  1. Nice seeing you here!

    If you do have Navi, for the lvoe of God, dont ever make her say "Watch Out!". "Listen!" is ok, because they can.

    Also, yay!

    I cant wait for the new demo!

    Im working on my own 3d Zelda game, that is a prequal to TP. It doesnt have Midna, and it has Toon Link, but it fits pretty well so far.

    See ya 'round!


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