Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HDE - High Definition Environments

Hello hello!

Just to show you guys what I've been working on, I've posted two little screenshots of another WIP. Obviously, the character model is unfinished and untextured, and the room itself is missing objects and a little bit more moss, cement cracks and other atmospheric bits.

The screenshots depict a demo-game running on an adapted engine based off Ballad of The Wind Fish, as the game engine iself is built for use in almost any genre of 3rd person game. This demo game, dubbed Resident Evil : Abstraction, is also a sort of fun challenge for me to built a game engine that runs like a classic Resident Evil game (if there are any RE fans out there, let's year ya!). The game engine uses Real Time 3D (not prerendered), and makes use of cinematic, dramatic camera angles, darkness and environment detail to build a level of suspense and immersion.

What's so important about the screenshot, and why so random? Quite the contrary! I've been studying nex-gen games, and games with just particularly detailed graphics in general, such as Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0. The past few days I've been developing techniques to produce High Definiton Environments, using high resolution textures with a high level of unique detail. Obviously, this takes more time and skill but produces more visually appealing environments.

Here's a video just to show a bit of in-game footage in the beta room. WIP of course. I've been working on it about four days now.


  1. <3 the old resident evil games..

  2. Dude, it looks very rocking, keet at it!

  3. Hey, as long as it doesn't get in the way of Ballad... i mean, link always comes first right :)

  4. Dont be so selfish.

    Let him do what he wants, but i would love to see BotWF finished.

    This looks great! I cant wait to see it textured!

  5. Hey, nice 3d model u got, fellow
    but the animation is kind of awkward
    keep improving ^^

  6. OMG!you are creating a resident evil fan title to! Jerrel you never fail to amaze. Jerrel come check out my zelda project,it is really early in production so the screenshots you see may not be extremly interesting but cool. I want to create a dark zelda game. I will use the zelda twilight princess models come check it out here.


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