Monday, May 11, 2009

Support Ballad of the Wind Fish!

Heya everyone! Thanks for checking in! Would you like to support this project in a simple, easy way? It's very possible!

U3D Forum

Simply (quickly create an account and) log in to the U3D forum on May the 20. Not sure which time zone you should be logging into? Just log in 20 and the 21 if you are not sure.

U3D is the development engine used to create Ballad of the Wind Fish. Support this project and help U3D break log-in records! Help me help the community!

Again, here's the URL : U3D Forum

Thanks so much everyone! You all rock!


  1. Can we have some news about the project? Because it's been so long we don't have any and we are are waiting for the news upgrades you did.

    It's a great project and I follow it from the beginning so I'm a little sad to see no move on this website :'(

    You rock ^^


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