Monday, June 15, 2009

Never Fear, Project is Still Alive

tHowdy do folks.

From the bottom of my Goron heart, I apologize for not posting updates for the past few weeks/months.

Please don't fear, the project is most definitely not canceled.

As I've stated before, my time has been completely occupied by school finals. Exams and final projects have been knocking the little red hearts out of me, and I have had absolutely no time to work on any of my projects.

I will be posting more updates to the project soon, as this semester comes to an end and I have more time to work on my games.

Don't bust out the ocarina and play yourself a sad song of storms just yet. I will be continuing work on the project within the next few weeks, and we can expect to see more gameplay areas.

Thanks for sticking around and being patient!



  1. Welcome back!
    I'm very happy you didn't left down the project.
    Now I will wait for the next update 8D

  2. Great News. I was almost ready to think this would turn into another Super Smash Bros Rumble/ Clash (DS homebrew).

    The team started Rumble, got really into it, posted a few demos, and then the head of the team quit. Then some of the team members started Clash, posted a few horrible alphas, that just showed basically character animations, said they were almost ready for the first true beta with full movesets within a week... <_< they closed theyre site too >_>

  3. Yay for an update!
    I'm behind you all the way!

  4. Take your time, just hurry up! :P lol

    Seriously, don't rush it. If you find yourself with a complex piece of code to write and a deadline to meet, ask yourself, "What would Shigeru do?"

  5. Better yet, what would Sakurai do XD

    Iwata: *Laughs*
    Sakurai: *Laughs*

    Anyone who gets the reference gets a cookie...
    /\ /\

    ...a giant Triforce cookie! =D

  6. Dangit, the post screwed up my cookie...


    Much Better

  7. Stilled screwed up... Dangit =(

  8. Don'tcha just love non-fixed-width text? We got what you meant, though. :P

  9. erm... two things:
    1.glad you're still working on the project now we know that but the folks on gm don't so post an update there soon :) people are famous you were on machinimas inside gaming on april 19,2009

  10. Oh, lovely... they weren't very nice about it. Figures.


  11. "thanks to try..."

    Are they kidding ? I wonder if the comentator knows how it could be hard to do a remake of such a game...

    stwstl5926 (Salt), I agree with you!

  12. But honestly, Boco shouldn't have shown this to the public so early. Not everyone is going to know that it's just an alpha, so the bad graphics and faulty/non-existant animations look...well, bad. So people are judging based off of that.


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