Monday, May 11, 2009

Moblin Concept Sketches

Moblins as depicted in Wind Waker.

Moblins as depicted in the Link's Awakening Manga.

Moblin Concept Draft 1 for Ballad of the Wind Fish

Howdy. This is the first draft for the Moblin art style for Ballad of the Wind Fish. I'm hoping to get some thoughts and opinions on how people prefer to see the moblins. I'd like to develop the moblins to very closely resemble their original counterparts while adhereing to the general art style of Ballad of the Wind Fish. Without a doubt there will be much more refinement and adjusting before the final draft and models of the Moblins.



  1. Make the Moblins a tab tougher looking, you knoe fatter or more muscular. That body build reminds too much of skeleton warriors. Just my opinion, but moblins shouldnt look like skinny and nible fighters, they should be more muscular.

  2. I'm with Kalu. When I think of a moblin, I think of that kinda-stupid looking enemy, you know... That skinny look makes them look more badass than they really are... maybe that's just my opinion.

  3. Hmm. I actually like everything except the face. Moblins have always been based on dogs, and the mouth on yours just doesn't seem very doglike.

  4. The instruction booklet for Link's Awakening states that Moblins are pig-like creatures. Also, the WW moblins are piggy like as well. I will be posting more concept sketches soon.

  5. I have to agree with Jerrel. I've always seen the Moblins as pig-like creatures. Anyway, I'm sure whatever you choose will look great, Jerrel.

  6. pigs are fat. and moblins are^^
    the head and face is great actually, except that they arent fat enough, both head and body. they are slow and dumb in tww and even more stupid in la: shooting arrows in the opposit direction ;)

    im following your blog and game progress and it looks great so far. lets just hope nintendo doesnt shut down this project like they did with oot 2d :(


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