Monday, December 12, 2011

Source Code to be Released Soon


thanks for visiting and supporting this project. As it has long been established, this project has been indefinitely suspended. I will most likely never have time to work on this project again. As such, I would like to be fair and make the source code for this project available. The reason I have yet to post it is that Game Maker, while fantastic for 2D game development, is fatally crippling when it comes to developing 3D games.

I don't want to make people frustrated and distraught trying to make an advanced 3D game work on Game Maker. However, I feel there is exceptional amount of educational content within the code I wrote for this project.

I will spend the next week trying to tidy the project files up and officially make them open source. Indie developers may use the source files for any non-commercial purposes. Consider this my contribution to the 25th Zelda Anniversary.

Jerrel Dulay

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