Monday, November 1, 2010

Rebuilding Open Source Game Engine

Hi again, folks!

I know I had mentioned possibly releasing the source code for this game engine before, but I've been holding back from a pretty big reason: I simply won't support this engine with any documentation. It's complex, and is pretty much like duct tape holding Game Maker and U3D (3D rendering engine) together. The game was never really efficient, thanks to Game Maker's limitations, and Level Building was about as enjoying as punching myself in the face.

So here's a bit of news. This past week, I've been working on developing 3D games with C++, OpenGL, and Irrlicht. What does this mean? This means I'm rebuilding the Ballad of The Windfish engine from the ground up, in an environment that can be ported to run on pretty much ANY system.

WHAT is the point of me doing this? I need to very quickly build up experience using this new game development environment.

WHAT do I plan to do with this game engine? I don't intend on building an entire Zelda game remake with this engine. I am simply rebuilding a game engine that will run like Ballad of The Windfish/ Ocarina of Time/any 3D Zelda, but it will be in a development environment that is MUCH more powerful, and will work on many different systems.

WHAT does this mean for supporters of the project? Well, I won't be building an entire game, but after I make considerable progress on this game engine, I will most likely release the source code publicly. Yes, that's right, I'll rebuild the game engine to make a game identical to Ballad of the Windfish/Ocarina of time, and you guys can have it.

C++ and Irrlicht have a very wide support base and the community for these development tools are very good. No doubt, if I release the source code for a 3D Zelda engine, there will be enough support out there for people to really do something with it.

Thanks for hanging around.


  1. so this means that the game will never be completed? :( Here goes my dream of replaying this classic in the Homebrew Channel.

  2. also means never seeing the source for the GM version, after telling everyone he would release it...knew it :(

    I just can't wait to see your engine! Any news?

  4. Well that sucks.

  5. well we havent gotten any updates in like
    6 months i hope nothing happened to him :(

  6. Hey Buddy, what engine are you using to make those sick 3d models?

  7. Sh*tting myself in anticipation

  8. Got enough toilet paper for that Folez? might be long constipation. lol

  9. Sorry for not responding for like 2 years. I made those models in lightwave 9. There are far superior modeling softwares out there, however.


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