Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sound of Music

Yes, it has been a while since the last real 'update'. Why has it taken the author so long to get any work done? The author has been working on progressing his real-life career aspects, so making non-profit fan games has taken a back seat. Also, due to a still-running Diploma Course in Software Development, the author, yours truly, has gotten sick of programming. That's right!! The course I am in is so poorly designed and executed that I'm quite fed up with programming, and need some time to recover my programming stamina.

6 months and this programming course will be done forever. Joy! Life will be amazing.

For project supporters, I'd like to give you the head's up of what I'm working on. I'm concentrating on 3D modeling for a while (as 3D modeling has nothing to do with programming, alright!), so images of the Siren Instruments can be expected soon. I will also be modeling Link's alternate swords (similar function and mechanics to Big Goron sword, etc.).

For textures, I may be working on the ocean and sky backgrounds, making the environment more detailed and pretty. Cloud/wind effects will follow later.

If I'm going to program anything soon, it will be adding Bow Wow as a functional item.

When I get a few more items added and add more textures, I will be posting a 'minor' demo update for anyone curious to try.

Thanks for the support, stay tuned!!


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