Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Update - Blue Tunic

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, I owe supporters of this project a huge apology. Yes, there has been a complete lack of updates for a while, despite my reporting that there would be more progress on the project. I pretty much lied. Yes, I'm sincerely sorry about that.

To get right to things, here are some quick renders of the first version of the Blue Tunic. This Tunic will grant Link a Defense Boost as well as underwater breathing capabilities. Long-time supporters may recognize the design from the original sketch. I hope to have the Red Tunic posted sometime soon as well.

I do apologize for leaving the scene without much notice. The only thing that keeps me coming back to this project is the support I see online from all over the world from dedicated Zelda enthusiasts.

My career circumstances have changed, and I no longer have the amount of 'spare time' to work on non-profit projects like I had in the past. I'm learning C++, OpenGL, Flash and xCode/Objective-C for work. I'm running my software development and marketing company full bore, and am tied up in working in the photography industry right now.

I've also published a new book yesterday. The writing is the easy part... Marketing for the book is both expensive and time consuming.

This is very off-topic, but if anyone enjoys Zombies, please do check out my new book that published just yesterday. You can download the PDF eBook for free or buy a paperback for $22.99.

Please check out The Ripper Infection Book Series Website

Yes, I am a novelist and it earns me money, unlike non-profit fan games :/
Really though. If you like Zombies or gaming, you'll probably like this book.

**End of shameless plugging

Thanks guys. I know it's excruciating to crawl like this, but I can only work on very small aspects of the project at a time now. I'm literally clawing for the time to work on Ballad of the Wind Fish.

To be honest, we should only be expect small updates for a while, such as new items, weapons, equipment and minor bug fixes and graphic updates.

I appreciate your loyalty and for staying interesting. I really am sorry for be so slack.



  1. yeah you're back!!!!!!!

  2. ~nicktheslayer~

    Who told me to stop coming here to check up?

    WHO said it was dead?

    You all thought i was crazy, but i knew, oh, i KNEW.

  3. You rock, i started to forget this blog, but someday i went here once more. Now some 3 weeks later i was ready to give it up once more, but sudenly there was an update!

    Something else:

    Does the gamemaker enige support smooth, because i think that link would look 200% cooler if you smooth the legs, arms and the boots

    And do you plan to give link some facial expression as in the cut scenes of TP? He now looks kind of sad...

    Somethings i was wondering about, you don't have to do anything about it.

  4. The "hard" lines only exist in these renders because I used the program anim8or to render them, and it interprets the 3D models a bit differently than the in-game engine.

    Basically, the program I used for these images just messed things up, but it's fast. In-game is correct.

    In-game, Link will have facial expressions. This is his "Sword swinging face!"

  5. Hey man, cruzer here, remember me? XD

    Looking good, it's good to see that this project is still alive, keep up the great work!

  6. Hey Jerrel, it's Salt (stwstl5926)... or however I had it listed. Yeah, I've dropped all that now...

    Anyway, glad to see you're back, and I went ahead and downloaded your book. Thanks for offering that for free!

  7. Yay, the Blue Tunic looks awesome! =D It fits Link really nice, you have made a very good job there. :) But if that's Version 1, then I'm eager to know what the subsequent versions will look like. ^^

  8. Of course! I remember everyone (including you, cruzer!!) because your support is valuable to me!

  9. That is one cool tunic. I hope the red tunic will have an even cooler design ^^


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